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Shoe Labels

Avoid mix-up of shoes and sneakers with special stick on labels for the insides of footwear

  • Size: 1.3” round
  • Price: 14 labels (7 Pairs) for $13.99, 28 labels (14 Pairs) for $23.99


  • Includes clear overlay for extra protection 
  • Fits nicely into baby, kid and adult shoes. 
  • Simply peel and stick to the insoles-they won't rub off!

Peel off the backing and place into the heel of shoe or sneaker. Peel off the backing of clear overlay and place directly over the label, pressing firmly.

If you order today before 12pm your order will be shipped tomorrow (yes, tomorrow!) via U.S. Mail. All orders will be sent from New Jersey. No extra charges or set up fees. (There is a 7% sales tax charge for New Jersey orders only). Please view table below for shipping times.

Standard First Class Mail FREE 5-6 Business Days
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Rush Shipping $27.95 1-2 Business Days

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