Camp Savings Pack

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This ultimate savings pack for camp is a worthwhile investment to ensure your kids’ stuff will come home with them…and not get tossed into the lost and found box.

Each pack includes:

  • 50 Iron on labels (white label with black text)
  • 40 Color Stick-N-Wear® clothing labels
  • 33 Mini Rectangle labels
  • 14 Medium Rectangle labels
  • 12 Pairs Shoe labels
  • 2 Bag Tags
169 assorted labels for: $48.80

Customize Your Labels:

169 assorted labels for: $48.80
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169 assorted labels for: $48.80
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Sleepovers should be all about the popcorn, ghost stories, and happy campers. When going to camp, it’s like a giant sleepover extension, full of late night episodes to recount for posterity. No time for lost and found. Definitely not when searching for a necessary evil. Say; flashlight for finger monsters. Losing items tops the party pooper list and discounts from happy camper hideaway. The solution? The ultimate camp label packs, complete with every size and component to embed its bearer’s identity with instant results. Opt for iron ons to sustain even the most rough and tumble of communal laundering. Choose labeling by size and color for all objects and gadgetry. You’ll find the right fit for every item, down to the itty bitty dental floss tossed at the bottom of the bath mat yet again. And yes, ‘dishwasher safe label’ can come in handy for a wet ride like that. The unique selection of kids fun labels which our camp pack offers, those are the ones you’ll want when making your fashion statement at sleepaway camp. Moms love how easy the stick and wears mount, how durable all label packs really are, and just how many trinkets and trousers will make their way back home, come summer’s end.

Inclusive assortment:

  • 50 iron on labels
  • 45 stick n wear color labels
  • 42 mini labels
  • 12 medium labels
  • 9 shoe tags
  • 2 bag tags

Price: $48.80

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