Nursing Home Iron On Clothing Labels

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Our laundry safe labels are great for camp, nursing homes. Iron them on (we guarantee they'll stick) or sew them on (they're thin enough to sew easily).

  • 2" wide, 3/8" high
  • Up to 2 lines of text
  • Waterproof and Laundry Safe
  • Round edges to prevent peeling
  • Printed with BLACK ink on WHITE label
  • Thin & soft, easy to sew, comfy to wear
  • High grade woven polyester
  • Labels can be printed with ANY language or symbol
  • Printed with INDELIBLE ink
  • Guaranteed for life of garment
50 labels for: $9.99

50 labels for: $9.99
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50 labels for: $9.99
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Labeling clothing that is worn in nursing homes is critical for many patients and their families. You need high-quality labels that you can count on. These nursing home clothing labels will provide all the features you need for your loved one’s clothing items.

Easy to Attach Sewing labels on countless pieces of clothing can quickly turn into a headache. Thankfully, these nursing home clothing labels are designed to be much easier to place on your clothing. They’re thin enough to make sewing simple, if that’s your preferred method of application, but the iron-on design makes it easy to adhere the labels to your loved one’s garments with no sewing required.

Easy to Read Clothing in nursing homes needs to be sorted quickly and efficiently. These labels are designed with ease of reading in mind. Measuring 2” wide by 3/8” high, these labels will hold up to two lines of text in bold black font on a white label. There will be no need to squint and no misunderstandings over who critical pieces of clothing might belong to!

Any Language Many labels simply don’t allow you the freedom to use all of the characters you need for your nursing home clothing labels. These, on the other hand, will be printed in any language or symbol you like. If you can type it, it can go on your labels! Comfortable for Your Loved One When you’re sewing labels into every piece of clothing, you don’t want them to cause any discomfort. These labels, which are made of high grade woven polyester, are specifically designed to be lightweight and comfortable. They’re thin, soft, and created to be comfortable for your loved one: no itching, scratching, or constant shifting in an effort to get away from the tag!

Tough and Durable Once you’ve taken the time to place labels on every garment in your loved one’s closet, you don’t want to have to do it again! These labels are tough and durable enough to withstand being regularly thrown through a commercial washing machine. They’re waterproof, laundry safe, and intended for hard use, making them perfect for all of your loved one’s needs. These nursing home laundry labels are guaranteed for the life of the garment: if it can survive, the label will, too! Printed with indelible ink, you can rest assured that the important information contained on the label won’t fade over time, which means you can continue to count on the label long after it’s been printed.

These nursing home clothing labels were specifically designed with the unique needs of nursing home patients and their families in mind. When you choose these labels, you can rest assured that your loved one will be comfortable with them in their clothing while reveling in the knowledge that the only time you’ll have to apply a fresh stack of labels is if your loved one requires a whole new wardrobe

How To Use

Applying these labels is very easy and does not take more than 15 seconds a label:  


  • Set iron to cotton or highest heat setting (NO STEAM). Wait until the iron is fully heated.  
  • Place label on garment in desired position. Put a pressing cloth (very thin piece of fabric) over the label. Holding the iron flat, firmly press the labels in place for 15 seconds. DO NOT move the iron around.  
  • Allow the garment to cool down. If you can still peel the label off with your fingernail, your iron is not hot enough. Use another iron to re-apply it for 15-20 seconds. 


Tip: Try 1 or 2 then wash to ensure that iron is hot enough and labels are sticking. These labels are also thin enough to be sewn on instead of using an iron.

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